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My name is David Wright. You can mail me if you like.


I'm a random perl/apache programmer living and working in London. I've justed started working for Venda, doing ecommerce development and integration.

other computing

My brother and I lease a server. It's the one this page is served from and it's called archer.dexy.org (nothing there to look at). It's a 1.3Ghz Athlon with 512MB RAM running FreeBSD 4.9; leased from and hosted by serversure in Sheffield, who do a good job. www.dexy.org serves a page listing the sites hosted on archer..

I used to have a little basement machine - thornhill - that was once a 166Mhz Pentium MMX ex-Reuters terminal, kindly forgotten about by one of my old landlords. I transformed into a much more wonderful 500Mhz AMD with 212MB RAM, again running FreeBSD, and used it as a router. An old pointless photo. I have less room in my new flat so thornhill has a new home at George's.

This box that I'm typing on is my main home machine, a 15 inch 800Mhz imac with 768MB RAM (even more pointless photo). When it's not asleep, it should be serving a splash page here.