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linux to an imac

2002-05-02 21:23 / hang on boot  »

Ooh - I managed to get the OS to hang completely on boot, with the message "Initializing Network". Single user mode (cmd-c) was a little more verbose with the actual hang after the message "Setting host identifier" - this coming from a shell script - /System/Library/StartupItems/Network/Network - where, as it says, it is trying to convert the ip from dotted form to single integer, through use of sed and ifconfig and - ah-ha! head ... the opposite of tail, not the HEAD that I had just installed through lwp and perl, a HEAD that had overwritten the original head because of case-insenstive HFS+. And my not making sure things were going in /usr/local, of course.

So, get the spanky package manager from GNU OS X, install the textutils package, and you have the old head back again as /usr/local/bin/ghead.

I think it was the call to sysctl -w kern.hostid=${hostid}, with some broken value of hostid, that caused the hang.

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