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linux to an imac

2002-06-10 16:41 / changing your shell  »

chsh is another thing that's been farmed off to NetInfo. So, if you want to change your login shell - zsh is included with OS X, but not, I think, with all the bells and whistles that make it so lovely (autocompletion on man pages, perl docs, cvs repositories; colour-themed prompts ...) so it's probably worth downloading it and recompiling - then you need to do something like sudo niutil -createprop / /users/dave shell /bin/zsh. The GUI interface to this didn't work last time I tried :-(. niutil -read / /users/dave will show the list of property / value pairs you can edit.

It's also by messing about with the NetInfo commands that you can set up OS X to run NFS as a server. You'll probably have a /exports NetINfo path already. I can't remember how to do it -- but you don't need the shareware GUI that's kicking about.

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