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linux to an imac

2002-08-07 10:35 / just noticed in jaguar  »

This is barely worth an entry since you could just go to apple. It just looks like the Jaguar Terminal.app is getting some new functionality, including 'vt100/vt220 emulation on par with xterm', a 'split view' (curious), transparency for anyone who hasn't yet hacked their .terms directly, and dumping of anti-aliasing if you feel like it. There's a complaint today though on cocoa-dev about it being (even) slower.

Oooh, and 10.2 comes with bash, ncurses (weh-hey), killall (ditto), and 'dozens of other "by popular request" enhancements'. These, I suppose, as a result of the FreeBSD 4.4 integration.

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