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linux to an imac

2002-10-24 20:02 / host change .. dead permalinks  »

The site's moved to a new server and I've written a little engine to finally get away from hand-editing one enormous html file. Downloads will be quicker and Google should pick up individual entries now.

'Written a little engine' isn't quite correct: In fact I've implemented an installation of AxKit, a mod_perl XML translation engine. So all the entries are sitting here as xml, there's a PerlTransHandler and an AxKit provider doing the work for Apache, and three or four xsl stylesheets guide the translation. The provider code is ugly though, with quite a few directory parses per request, and no cache as of yet.

Also, ah-hum, my old permalinks weren't permanent at all. Foolish me assuming that uri 'fragments' get passed to the server. There's not much I can do about it. The old links were /blog/index.html#YYYYMMDDhhmm, the new ones /blog/YYYY/MM/DD/hhmm.html. Miles nicer.

I suppose I'll have to implement a 'view all entries' page and redirect the old index.html to there.

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