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linux to an imac

2003-11-26 23:01 / steamin' with the Beeb  »

Damned useful, and educational too. Steam is a freeware BBC radio schedule watcher for OS X. It keeps an auto-updated list of the current schedule for what seems to be the majority of BBC digi-channels, with program details in a separate window. From the latter you launch realplayer to listen. There's a reminder facility as well, but I hate leaving (GUI) apps running all the time so avoid it.


I'd never before listened to 'The World Today', BBC World Service 23:00ish GMT - which tonight has had one report about the handful of glass harmonicas that the world has (7), how expensive they are (several k), and why they're useful (they make sounds very close to those of opera singers), and another about how Washington DC is the AIDS capital of the US as well as the political one. So there's the education.

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