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2002-04-28 00:45 / pretty terms  »

My favourite Terminal config - as text; screenshot large, small - so far. Should be double-clickable if named *.term.

2002-04-27 00:05 / linux pcmcia in a coma  »

Arse. Caught out again by the linuxism I have of the PCMCIA card not sleeping quite so nicely as Suse. Sleep and my network and modem are dead on awake unless (I think) cardmgr eject; cardmgr suspend. Convinced (a) of broken Mac OS, (b) broken ethernet hub, (c) broken cable.

2002-04-27 13:24 / using /etc/hosts  »

Got resolution from /etc/hosts - which stayed after reboot, and added to machines in NetInfo - with niload hosts . < /etc/hosts

2002-04-25 00:31 / Untitled  »

The double setups of Darwin vs Aqua & NeXT and X vs Aqua & The Finder.

2002-04-25 12:24 / rubbish ppp  »

It seems terribly eager to dial up my isp - not a bad thing in itself, but costly at the mo' till I get the adsl. So it gets unplugged from the line at night because I don't trust it on its own not to, e.g. auto start Quicktime - the 'Midnight Movie' perhaps - which in turn would decide it needed a 30MB upgrade.

It may be eager to dial, but its also just as eager not to stay on line once its there. Three times in three hours it hung up last night. Linux didn't do that, honestly.

2002-04-24 23:34 / Untitled  »

(setq default-directory "~/") is the call to put in your .emacs (* this appears not to work now :-( *). Now I just need to work how to get it to (a) open files from the command line, via open (man open), (b) open double-clicked files from the Finder. export DISPLAY=0:0 for opening XDarwin apps from Terminal with zsh. The modem just hung up after I made network preference changes :-(.

2002-04-22 00:07 / something for the desktop  »

A use for the finder (display your home directory on the desktop)!:

mv Desktop Desktop.bak
ln -s ~ Desktop

Quit and start the finder - or logout / in.

2002-04-20 01:53 / emacs is lovely  »

A working and usable aqua + finder emacs. Miles better than in a terminal and just as easy to use as textedit for day to day stuff. available here. Comes prebuilt as one of those scary name.app directory (shell) application (finder) things which you can copy to /Applications. This could well alleviate the need for X. Here's a screenshot (smaller) showing its prettiness. Also happens to be the quickest loading emacs I've seen :-).

It defaults to // for file access, to which I have write access as Admin / member of admin group. This - write access - not the default path - is EBW.

Hopefully removing it with sudo chmod g-w // won't break the GUI admin. sudo passwd root was how I changed the root password without knowing it after purchase.

2002-04-20 02:20 / xml  »

Just resorted to creating a file called 'hash' in my home directory then using C-x i to insert a # from that file cos the emacs won't get option-3. This because of the line (setq mac-command-key-is-meta nil) in .emacs suggested above (now removed).

libexpat won't compile so no XML::Parser so back to straight perl. The error is /usr/bin/ld: can't locate file for: -lcrt0.o. Following the thread on the OS X perl mailing list, I got XML-Parser-2.29 from CPAN - which doesn't seem to need expat, and it made and tested fine.

2002-04-20 03:30 / emacs still lovely  »

This emacs also works with color themes, which give some very pleasant combinations for foreground and background text colours as well as syntax/ mode-line / markup colours.

Add (global-font-lock-mode t) to your .emacs and, xml docs, e.g., will be shiny when you open them (screenshot large, small, using the midnight color-theme).

2002-04-20 15:28 / Untitled  »

What are all these .DS_Store files?? Eek: they get copied to and from the webserver when I use scp, so the contents of the directory become easily visible.

Can't copy any text from IE to emacs. Bloody annoying for urls ...

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